Funny Commercials

Funny commercials have lightened the sting from watching your favorite television program in recent years. Commercial writers have realized that funny commercials attract more consumers than the usual bland or boring commercials that we are all used to seeing. Commercials have even taken prime roles in some programming such as the Super Bowl. On the day after the game, you hear more talk about the Super Bowl commercials than you hear about the game itself.

Funny Commercials

Funny Commercials

Comedy is a best seller and has been for years. Consumers are more likely to watch a funny commercial because of the entertainment factor. When the consumer goes to the store, they will remember the product featured in a memorable funny commercial. Writing comical commercials can be a bit tricky though. What one writer finds hilarious, the intended audience may not understand the comedy, or may find the commercial annoying.

Memorable comical advertising is far more appealing to consumers than commercials that tug on the heart strings simply by entertaining the audience rather than forcing the audience to see a sad truth. This is because many viewers don’t want to face a hard truth, or the commercial may remind them of hard times.

It is also important to pair advertising with the actual programming. For instance, if the video production is a sitcom or another comical show, viewers are likely to pay more attention to a funny commercial. When a morning commuter is listening to his favorite comical morning radio, he is more willing to listen to a funny radio commercial complete with sound effects and solid punch lines.

TV commercials in today’s market can make or break a product or company simply by airing a good or bad commercial. It is a well known fact that funny commercials tend to sell more products than long infomercials or commercials with poor video production. Video marketing is one of the best forms of advertising, and airing a funny commercial usually draws more audience reactions than any other form of advertising.

Companies want consumers to remember their brand name or recall a product when they are shopping. Comical advertising performs this job very well. People will remember a good commercial just as readily as they remember a funny joke. Some consumers will even smile or chuckle when they see a product that they heard about via a funny commercial. This is what writers love to see; people actually responding to funny commercials, and then purchasing the products that were featured.

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