Video Marketing

Video marketing should be considered as the first choice for most any person or organization attempting to have their products or services taken seriously by today’s average consumer. And since the currently available computer hardware, software and their attachable internet access has long since become more affordable overall than even the simplest “Yellow Pages” ad, video marketing must be viewed as extremely serious where marketing schemes are involved.

In the not so distant past, electronic media advertising employing vehicles such as radio commercials and/or TV commercials proved to be cost-prohibitive when looking toward video marketing as a part of a publicity campaign. But now, thanks to current technology, this is no longer the case.

The software alone included in a typical home computer system offered currently to retail buyers by firms such as Hewlett Packard, Dell, etc. can save potential advertisers an almost incalculable amount in video production budgets that were originally required to even think about video marketing. And such software inclusions can be easily researched through product reviews available via publications such as “Consumer Reports” or by simply perusing information available on numerous internet sites. But keep in mind that it is important to remember while doing such research to grasp the reputability of any sources chosen.

It’s also important to note, when all is said and done, that video marketing is arguably one of the wisest investments an advertiser can make due to the lack of overhead required (as previously mentioned). In other words, remember that the thousands, if not hundreds-of-thousands of dollars previously needed to pay for all the elements needed to employ video marketing has now become available at a fraction of the cost.

Computer and internet technology has allowed access to writers, producers, technicians, media buyers and other artisans to operate on a scale that now gives access to a customer base large enough to allow an offering of services at a fraction of previous rates. So if an advertiser desiring an attempt at video marketing doesn’t feel up to the artistic needs required to do so, they can feel assured of being able to so by contracting out such tasks.

Further, the need for a large amount of cash to purchase air-time to display “funny commercials”, “ poignant commercials” or “public service announcements” is no longer required thanks to entities such as YouTube, Google+, etc. The existence of such resources makes the absolute necessity of utilizing a purchase of radio or television time no longer a must for those interested in video marketing.

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